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We are Michelle & Peter Rose.
  Articpower is a family kennel, Located near Newcastle, Australia. We had been admirer's of the breed for 15 years and after studying all the facts about the Siberian Husky we decided we definitely wanted a sibe in our life. We purchased our first pet girl in the summer of 2000, she was a beautiful girl we named her Mishka, however we tragically lost her to Leukemia at just 10 months of age. It was a devastating loss for both of us.We bought another sibe just six weeks later we named her Natika, she was very much our therapy we were just so lost after losing Mishka , Natika helped us cope with the emptiness in our hearts However a piece of our hearts will always belong to Mishka.

In 2002 we bought our first show dog Trueartic Bedazzled aka Shakira, Just a few months later we had the opportunity to buy another dog, Trueartic Vin Diesel, what can I say we just couldn't stop at 2!!!!!!!

Diesel was welcomed into our family he took no time settling in with us and our 2 girls.   Diesel became our very first Australian Champion in 2003.

Shakira has become the foundation bitch of Articpower Siberians.
  Our dogs live in a very loving environment although we do expect them to be well behaved and people friendly .Michelle Has completed a course in canine obedience learning many new skills & techniques for dog training. It's been our experience that positive reinforcement works best. Michelle trains our dogs in basic obedience.

Our puppies are enrolled in puppy preschool as soon as they have had all their vaccinations and we start socializing and training them at an early age, they experience many  different situations, loud noises, different textures for example sand, gravel, dirt etc, also they are out & about experiencing the many changes in the weather particularly on a windy or wet day, we take them to busy places where there's heaps of different things happening around them, like kids on bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, people playing games, loud music playing & people talking on loud speakers. We believe this is the beginning of a solid foundation for them to help them cope with everyday life & also to help them to cope with what could be stressful situations for example thunder storms fire works and meeting new people & animals alike.
We are registered with Dogs NSW and committee members of a newly formed sledding club, NSW Siberian Express established in 2015 

We also started running our dogs in harness in 2005 but weren't competitive until wiggle was old enough to run in harness in 2007 she proved to be a awesome racing dog she was our lead dog for many years she was very confident it's great watching your dogs doing what they were breed to do. Now that Wiggle's retired at 10 years of age her daughters Willow, Siska & grand daughter Layla are also amazing in harness we are so proud of our girls!
Our aim for the future of Articpower is to bred sound dogs who are capable of excelling running in harness. Good temperaments are equally important.


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