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Willow 09/12/09 30/12/20

Yesterday we made the heart-breaking decision to set our precious girl Willow free from pain, she was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 4 weeks ago, we did not expect to lose her so quickly she was virtually fading away right before our eyes and it was so difficult to see her looking so unwell barely eating or drinking and sometimes not move at all for 4 hours at a time.

Willow was the most head strong and difficult puppy, but she blossomed into such an amazing dog, we did show her for a while she won a BIG & Runner up to Best in group with some classes in group & in show, she also won the open bitch class at the Royal Easter show, she won the sled dog class at the Sibe specialty show 4 times. We retired her on 64 points as we could see her heart was not in the show side of things, she loved the freedom of running in harness this is where her true passion was and she excelled at racing she run with her mum Wiggle for a few races, after that she ran with her best mate Hart and became our most successful 2 dog team, when Pete stepped up to 4 dog class Willow was our leader & she was an unbelievable leader after heat 1 the 2nd heat she remembered where she had to turn, she was in her element.

She loved the freedom of being off lead when we trained at the Watagans she was so good except a few times she did not come back as quickly as we would have liked almost giving us a heart attack and we would be looking for her, eventually she would come back cool as wondering what all the fuss was about.

Willow was an amazing mum having 2 litters for us with her best friend Hart 6 beautiful babies both times we kept Layla from the 1st litter and Trouble from the 2nd sadly we lost Trouble at 18 months to cancer, our dear friend Chris has Cy, trouble’s brother is our current lead dog, so Willow’s legacy lives on with Cy he is an amazing lead dog just like his mum.

Willow has run with many dogs over the years teaching both dogs & humans to run in harness always bringing them home safely

Sleep well our precious Willow you gave so much love beautiful memories to treasure and made us so proud it's time for you to run free from pain and wear your silver harness with pride, you are reunited with your mum Wiggle & your fav boys Hart, Trouble and Thor

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