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Bred by us Loved by others

Shakira & Brave kids born 22/11/2005

Articpower Black Velvet " Keira " Loved & owned by Jen & Matt Tull

Articpower Exotica " Myshka "

Articpower Koda bear " Shamau" Loved and owned By Don & Adelie Wooding

            Shakira & Mitch kid Borm 5th March 2008

Articpower Bertie Beetle " Zarboo "

Wiggle & Sniper kids born 9 December 2009

Articpower Man of mystery Austin "Austin "now lives with Heath in SA They are great mates already!!!

Articpower Fun House "CJ" CJ has gone to live with the Keech family. We're sure they'll have lots of fun with her.

Articpower Chasing Cars "Shadow" Shadow now lives with the Arentz family this cheeky little man is sure to bring lots of laughter into their lives.

 Articpower Crystal Ball "Phoenix" This gorgeous little girl has gone to live with Laura & Ben in Melbourne have fun guys.

Articpower Glitter in the air "Myah" This lucky little girl now lives with Aleah & Indy we're sure you'll have lots of fun with her.

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