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          Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to our dogs who have crossed the rainbow bridge



Our beautiful Mishka she was our first husky Sadly she was with us for such a short time. Everyone who met her loved her straight away she had a beautiful spirit. Because she was our first husky it broke our hearts that she had to leave us at just 10 months of age. She had a rare & aggressive form of leukemia. 
We were lucky with Mishka she was one of few huskies who could be trusted to be leash free!! 


  Natika born 4-10-01

       aka Tiki Bear

Bear became a part of our family after we tragically lost our first Siberian when she was only 10 months, without her it would have been so much harder for us to cope after losing Mishka. Bear was a treasure her clownish antics could always put a smile on our faces no matter what!!

She loved her visits to the old people’s home where she’d perform all her tricks and cheer up the resident’s day.  She loved all the attention & cuddles but most of all the caramel tarts the residents would share with her at morning tea time.

Bear was a great talker we always knew when one of our other dogs were doing something bear considered naughty when she talked a certain way, one of those times we went out to find Shakira fighting a 5 foot red bellied black snake. So we’ll miss our little dobber alerting us to problems out in the yard.

Bear was never a show dog but a much loved family pet; she is immortalized in our Articpower logo playing with diesel.

Bear had been unwell for many years fighting a few diseases over the past few weeks she’d been in a lot of pain and her quality of life had decreased tremendously so it was time for us to say goodbye.

Run free of pain our gorgeous girl we miss you so much, you’ll remain in our heart forever we were so blessed to have you in our family for 8 years. We have so many amazing memories of you we’ll never forget our sweet blue eyed girl.

 Our little Angel (from our wiggle/sniper litter)

We had you for only 2 days but we loved every second we shared with you. He is our little speck in the northern lights .Run free little man.

             Trueartic Bedazzled "Shakira" 28/9/2002 to 16/4/2015


Shakira was added to our family Christmas of 2002

Shakira had a limited show career she really didn't enjoy it so we retired her on 62 points with some classes in groups & placing at the Royal Easter show & specialty shows. Shakira really proved to be a great producer for us. Shakira was the best mum you could ever hope for, she really was in her element when she had her babies & raised some gorgeous articpower puppies, she's our foundation bitch here at Articpower
She had 2 litters, her first litter to Gr Ch Thundova Myschk they really complemented each other and gave us 4 glorious girls.  
We kept our beautiful girl wiggle from this litter.

Shakira had very few health problems throughout her life and succumbed to arthritis April 2015, it was a very hard saying goodbye to our gorgeous brown eyed girl!


  Aust Ch Trueartic Vin Diesel 22/9/02 27/7/2015


Diesel came to live with us for some socialization in 2003 when he was just 4 months old he wasn't a dog with any confidence not only did we fall in love with him very quickly he taught us so much. And we so lucky to have him for almost 13 years he would have turned 13 in September. Diesel was a fantastic show dog he'd been blessed with breathtaking effortless movement , he covered  the ground with great ease Diesel loved to strut his stuff with Pete they were like poetry in motion!  Diesel had some huge wins in the show ring 5 best in group, runner up best in group 14 classes in group 1 Australian Bred in show, also placing in his class at the championship show & spring fair shows he was retired on 512 points. Diesel also loved to run in harness

Diesel had a very loving & gentle temperament & big brown eyes that just melt your heart!

Diesel is immortalized in our Articpower logo playing with Natika

We had planned to take him to dinner plain for one last holiday but it wasn't meant to be. Run free Diesel dog you will be greatly missed



Shakira & Diesel are half brother & sister they are now running together once again over the rainbow bridge

If tears were a staircase & memories a lane we'd walk right up to heaven & bring you back again 

  Articpower here comes trouble " Trouble " 19/03/2016 - 24/10/2017

dogsdayoutpups3weeks 563.JPG

On 24/10/2017, we made the heart wrenching decision to let Trouble grow his wings & be free from pain. Just 3 weeks ago on the long weekend our beautiful boy was a carefree happy dog. When Pete helped him out of the trailer on the Monday Trouble yelped in pain but at the moment we had no idea that cancer had been growing inside him for many months & by the time the cancer popped through his rib cage forming a lump on the outside, a large tumour was taking up most of his chest cavity. The cancer ravaged his body so quickly he was a mere shadow of the happy healthy boy of a matter of weeks ago. Trouble was the happiest most social dogs you'd ever meet ,everyone who met him adored his goof ball nature you couldn't help falling in love with him. He loved us and bought us so much love, joy & laughter not to mention the cuddles when he would crawl on my lap countless times a day. I'm going to miss that so much. He loved his brother Cy they has an incredible bond and he loved running in harness it was his happy place. We're sorry we couldn't save you baby boy if love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Run free of pain now our beautiful boy you're now reunited with your dad you can be a awesome 2 dog team above us & your collar will be with your dad's in the rig bag so you'll still be with the team you loved so much.

Ch Articpower Voodoo Child " Wiggle " 22/11/2005 to 9/04/2019

2018-11-18 01.06.39-3.jpg

This is a hard one ,I have been dreading this day the day we would see our precious Wiggle cross the rainbow bridge.
It was a huge shock when I arrived home at lunch time Tuesday to hear Mischief crying and definitely trying to tell me something I was greeted by Willow, Siska, Mischief, Anarchy & Layla was with me but no Wiggle, I searched the house there was no sign of her which is unusual as she's always there tail wagging and very loudly acknowledge I was home, but not that day. I went outside and called and called her but she didn't come, my neighbour who loves spoiling them had given them all a treat 2 hours earlier and she was there at that time, but she wasn't coming when I called her, so now I am frantically looking for her, when looking under the house I could see her, how she got under there I have no idea & it took me a little while to work out how I could get to her but I found a way & when I got to her she had already passed away, which totally shattered me I wanted to be with her holding her and telling her how much joy she had given us over her 13 years as she slipped away. There was no sign that she was ready to leave us,
Wiggle has been the most incredible dog her entire life, she was such a funny girl from when she was a tiny puppy, the name Wiggle was a nick name I'd given her at 2 weeks, I was taking photos of Wiggle and her litter mates, the other 3 girls sat on the bed while I took their photo but not Wiggle I actually had to wait for Pete to come home from work to keep her in position while I took her photo it was at this time I called her a wiggle worm the name just suited her, everyone who new & loved  her agreed her name had to be Wiggle We have so many wonderful memories where she made us laugh out loud and burst with pride when she excelled when in the show ring winning multi classes in group from baby puppy class, multi minor puppy in group & in show she also won RBC & best Minor puppy in show at her first Siberian Husky specialty show, she won multi puppy in group & in show and at her 2nd specialty show she went RBC again & Best Puppy in show a wonderful show career continued for many years.
When we started sledding she was an amazing lead dog and has run with many partners our dear Friend Chris's let us run her gorgeous girl Kira with Wiggle for many years, When Wiggle & Kira had a litter each they produced our most competitive 2 dog team Willow & Hart, Wiggle ran with Hart, Willow plus many more , we also lent Wiggle out to new people who wanted to try sledding as we knew Wiggle would look after them & bring them home safe.
Wiggle won the lead dog challenge at Hunter Valley mushers race 4 times, whatever we asked from Wiggle she did it, she so wanted to please us.
She had 2 beautiful litters & was the most amazing mum we have 2 beautiful girls Willow & Siska and she was grandma to Layla, Trouble ( who crossed the rainbow bridge at 18 months of age ) Mischief & Anarchy and their litter mates.
As she got older we let her free run when we trained at the Watagans and she cracked us so many times, one time there was a group of friends camping Pete had told them that the dogs may be a little loud but they were cool with that, Wiggle decided she needed to greet these campers herself so off she went & all we could see was her tail wagging at the entrance of the tent as she checked out what they were up too. She always like to flirt with the boys, Jace, Deeks & Azuka were her favourite.
They say you will have a heart dog in your life time and my heart dog was wiggle, she was from our very first litter and has just been the most delightful dog in every way, she has taken a large piece of my heart with her when she left us.
Run free and wear your silver harness with pride my precious girl, the house will never be the same without you, you have enriched our lives more than you can possibly know.

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